CAAS ONE Client Web Portal
CAAS ONE Client Web Portal
A Data Driven Business Financial Narrative Client Portal
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Here is an overview of the workflow process to begin your business journey with us

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- Collecting client information securely

- Setting expectations for communication and collaboration

- Providing access to the client portal 

- Outlining the scope of services and deliverables

Financial Review

1. Source Documents Review

 - Collect client source documents like bank/CC statements, invoices, receipts, payroll records

 - Ensure I have all documents needed for the monthly close

2. Transaction Coding & Entry

 - Enter transactions into accounting software, coding expenses/revenues to proper accounts

 - Record non-cash activities like depreciation, amortization 

3. Reconciliations 

 - Reconcile cash accounts like bank accounts, credit cards

 - Reconcile other balance sheet accounts like A/R and A/P

4. Revenue Review

 - Verify all revenue transactions are properly recorded

 - Review for proper cut-off by inspecting pre/post month receipts

5. Expense Review

 - Scan expenses for irregularities or improper coding

 - Tie amounts to invoices/receipts

 - Look at ratios like rent and payroll as a percentage of revenue

Client Advisory

6. Financial Statements

 - Prepare financial statements like income statement, balance sheet, cash flows

 - Add supplementary schedules and graphs to explain trends 

7. Analyze & Interpret 

 - Compare financial metrics period-over-period and actual-to-budget

 - Research irregularities and/or inconsistencies

 - Perform ratio analysis on liquidity, activity, debt leverage, profitability, etc.

8. Reporting 

 - Present findings analysis in monthly financial reporting package

 - Include executive summary, commentary to explain trends

9. Recommendations

 - Provide ideas and advice to management regarding ways to optimize financial performance

 - Follow-up on status of prior recommendations

10. Conclusion & Consultation 

 - Final consultation with management to discuss reporting and address questions

 - Plan follow-up items and next reporting cycle